Admission Policy

Admission Policy



1. Entrance to Atelier M is always a subject to Door Managers discretion.

2. Entrance to Atelier M Lounge and Rooftop is not permitted under the age of 21 years (Original document required). However, it is possible while being accompanied by a parent, but only until 9:00 PM. Alcohol and Tabaco, in this case, can be consumed by and will be served only to guests over 21.

3. Dress code in Lounge and Rooftop is smart elegant at all times. Dress items not allowed in the venue include but not limited to: caps, sports clothing, shorts, flip-flops/sandals for a gentleman.

4. Couples and equally mixed groups may enter the bar. However, mixed groups of 6 and above persons are advised to reserve a table in advance.

5. Individuals in local dress and/or any national attire are granted access to Atelier M at all times.

6. Atelier M Restaurant, Lounge & Rooftop Team reserves the right to refuse entry without any explanation. The Team also reserves the right to ask guests to leave at any time if their appearance or behavior has a negative effect on other guests or venue.

7. By entering Atelier M, you agree to the admission policy stated above.